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    Company Profile



    Huanggang Huayao Zhongsheng Kiln Co.,Ltd.was established in 2003,is specially engaging in researching design,processing and manufacturing,constructing and installation,commissioning and after-sales service of various industry kiln.As one of the professional kiln enterprises.Our supplying kilns cover:Carbon and New Energy,New Environment-friendly Building Materials,Ceramics,Environment-friendly Chemical,Refractory Materials and Metallurgy industries.
    Based on the development strategy of People-Oriented,Quality,Quality Priority,Scientific and Technological Innovation,and win-win,we are supplying environment-friendly fine kilns with low energy consumption and high performance,advanced technology and easy operation and maintenance.Meanwhile we already established long-term and extensive cooperation and exchange with the domestic well-known scientific research institutes,professional colleges,and leading furnace companies in both domestic and overseas.Recently We have been supplying CARBON BAKING FURNACE,GRAPHITIZATION FURNACE,TUNNEL KILN,ROLLER HEARTH KILN,SHUTTLE KILN,MESH BELT FURNACE,MELTING FURNACE,CRYSTALLIZATION KILN,ANNEALING FURNACE,and HEAT TREATMENT FURNACE etc.,in both China and foreign countries and regions such as Indonesia,Thailand,Turkey,Iran,Russia,Uzbekistan.
    Through maintaining and continuously improving the quality and management system,we provide customers with advanced and reliable products as well as satisfactory technical services efficiency,in order to constantly meet customers’requirements and demand of the society.Based on the principle of“market on credit and development on quality”,we will assure you of economic benefit of your investment.


       主營產品系列 Series of Supplying Kilns and Furnaces
      1、石墨化爐GRAPHITIZATION FURNAC:3000℃特碳-石墨制品石墨化;
      2、隧道窯TUNNEL KILN:滿足負極材料預炭化、陶瓷制品、新型環保建材、礦物原料、耐磨和耐火材料、冶金行業焙燒;
      3、輥道窯ROLLER HEARTH KILN:滿足陶瓷制品、新型環保建材、耐火材料、環?;ぎa品;
      4、梭式窯(抽屜窯)SHUTTLE KILN:滿足特碳-石墨制品、陶瓷制品、新型環保建材、礦物原料、耐磨和耐火材料、冶金行業;
      5、網帶窯MESH BELT FURNACE:滿足日用陶瓷烤花、催化劑、化工填料和冶金行業;
      6、推板窯PUSH SLAB FURNACE:滿足耐磨剛玉料、耐火材料、工藝瓷、電池粉等行業;
      7、豎窯SHAFT KILN:滿足鋁礬土礦石、石灰;
      8、熔窯MELTING FURNACE:滿足玻璃熔化、陶瓷釉料、化工刨花堿;
      9、熱處理爐HEAT TREATMENT FUUNACE:加熱爐、淬火爐、回火爐、正火爐、退火爐、固熔爐、時效爐等金屬熱處理行業。

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