It’s not about who shouts the loudest or spends the most

Facebook ads can support steady, sustainable growth for small brands

When I look at my community of makers and sellers I see a revolution. An uprising of ambitious creatives who are here to do things differently. 

We know there’s rarely such a thing as an overnight success. 

We’re here for steady, sustainable growth so we can keep doing what we love to do, our way.

Life might look a bit busier than we’d like it too, but it’s exciting. Your business is so much more than a hobby or a side-hustle.

I work with clients who design, make, create and run a business that supports their family. They sell their own products through their own stores to customers who keep coming back.

I champion Facebook and Instagram advertising because I see the boost it can give to small, independent brands.

It’s not a dark art but it does require the correct foundations, expertise and a whole lot of patience. It’s a long-term strategy. There’s a lot to learn and manage and it’s crucial that you find support in a way that works for you (and from an expert you can trust and get along with).

Heya, I’m Carly Stringer.

Why me?

I’m a Facebook advertising consultant working exclusively with indie retailers. I use the skills I’ve gained during my 14-year career in marketing to help online sellers sell more.

For a marketer like me who’s analytical and creative, Facebook and Instagram advertising is a natural fit. The science graduate in me eats up the data and my creative brain gets to work solving problems, developing strategies and putting together copy and visuals.

Qualified in Facebook and Instagram advertising  

I’ve completed an intensive Facebook ads training course and I’m a Facebook-certified Media Buyer. (That’s a fancy way of saying that I passed Facebook’s official assessment for advanced competency).

Committed to upholding standards and quality

I belong to a paid membership for eCommerce brands and the marketers who support them. I’m also a member of several groups for paid social specialists. I learn from a community of experts and brands with big budgets from across the globe. I’m committed to staying ahead of the game and tailoring what I know to suit the needs of indie brands.

Experienced, trusted and easy to work with

I’ve worked with more than 40 eCommerce clients since the beginning of 2020 alone (including The Mamahood, Neon Marl, Disko Kids, Cheeky Zebra, Beards & Daisies and Decadorn). 

We achieve results that make a real difference to the business. How we get there depends on what’s right for each individual client.

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“I loved working with Carly. She’s professional, knowledgeable and super-efficient. Above all, a really lovely person to work with.”

Hayley Measures

Born Nouli

“Carly is super knowledgeable but explains everything in a very easy to understand way. It was definitely money well spent – I am now much more confident in what I’m doing with Ads and feel like I have a strategy going forward.”
Emma Wraight

Honey & Toast

“Carly really took the time to understand our business. This makes a real difference as Facebook advertising is all about experimentation and optimisation. The more a partner understands your business, the more opportunity they will help you unlock.”
Stefan Bardega

The Mamahood

Get to know me better

I work from my home in Kent, where I live with my husband and two young children. When I’m not working, you’ll find me doing the mum juggle, taking our Golden Retriever for a long walk or scrolling Instagram for interior inspiration. 

More things about me:

  • I love to shop, especially with indie brands, so my job can be quite dangerous for the bank balance. The constant parcels get a lot of eye rolls from my husband!
  • I’ve always had a creative flair – I appeared on Art Attack when I was in Primary School
  • I went to university in Bath and met my husband during our first week there
  • After university, I started training to be a science teacher but soon realised it wasn’t for me
  • I was born in Southend-On-Sea (yes I’m an Essex girl!) and go back often
  • I’m nostalgic and spend a lot of time sorting through photos and updating my kids’ memory boxes
  • I love photography, star-gazing and the bright pink sofa in my office!

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