Cheeky Zebra


The Brief

Cheeky Zebra Founder, Sasha, came to me wanting to invest in Facebook Ads for her business.

Initially, she wasn’t very optimistic that she could get enough of a return on investment given her tight product margins and lack of success in the investment she had made prior to us working together.

However, with big plans for the growth of her business and some of her biggest competitors investing in Facebook/Instagram advertising, she recognised that it was a marketing avenue she couldn’t afford to ignore.

Her initial brief to me was sto run a Father’s Day campaign with the aim of selling as many Father’s Day cards as possible, with a cost per purchase under £1.50 (and ideally under £1.30) per card in just 3 weeks!

    The Results

    The campaign exceeded client expectations and resulted in:

    • Ads resulted in 87% of all Shopify orders received
      during this 3-week period
    • £1.09 cost per purchase
    • x4 ROAS (return on ad spend)
    • This resulted in Cheeky Zebra’s biggest month of turnover
      to that point and +3,376% year-on-year growth for Father’s Day

    The campaign also resulted in:

    • >1 million impressions
    • 664 reactions, 306 comments and 84 shares
    • >370 email sign-ups
    • 250 additional followers on Facebook/Instagram

    Return on ad spend


    year-on-year growth



    of all Shopify orders

    Carly quadrupled sales and changed the trajectory of my business!

    I hired Carly to help me with Facebook ads, mainly to prove to myself that they wouldn’t work for my business. However, she completely proved me wrong and we basically quadrupled sales this Father’s Day! 

    However, what I appreciated the most about working with Carly was her honesty. She never once over promised and was extremely cautious treating our ad spend like it was her own which was very reassuring to me as an independent retailer.

    Carly has quite literally changed the trajectory of my business!

    I don’t want to recommend her too much as I want her to be able to carry on working with us as we continue to scale!

    Sasha Gupta

    Founder, Cheeky Zebra Greeting Cards

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