Hire a Facebook advertising expert for your eCommerce brand

Work with me on your ads, whatever stage you’re at


Done for you

Full-service management

Hire me on a monthly retainer and I’ll take full control, from strategy through to execution, keeping you in the loop all the way. Grow your business with me on your team.

You’ll get hands-on support as I fully manage your ads.

From £1250/month (+VAT)


Tips and ideas first


I’ll review your ads, your competitors’ ads, and your website and give you ideas for how to get better. If you’re unclear about the potential, start here.

You’ll get clear recommendations for how to move forward. 

From £349 (+VAT)


Get a helping hand

Power Hours

Buy time with me 1:1 on Zoom. Pick my brain, get a second pair of eyes on your ads or ongoing help while you set up a new funnel. Whatever you need.

I’ll help you to solve a problem or find the right options.

£179 (+VAT)


Your Facebook ads, fully managed by an expert

Let’s team up to build momentum and create sustainable growth

The thing about Facebook advertising is that it takes time.

Not just to learn the skills, develop the tools and keep up with best practices, but to test and optimise the ads you’re running.

Plenty of indie business owners manage their own ads, especially at the start. It’s doable with the right support, but there will come a time when it makes sense to outsource.

If you’re ready to go bigger with ads and grow your online store, you need an advertising partner alongside you long-term.

“Carly helps me to see opportunities that I didn’t realise were there.

I’m a great believer (after 10 years trying to do everything myself) that you should outsource what you either don’t like or what you’re not very good at.


The knowledge and enthusiasm Carly’s brought to our small team has been amazing. She’s always at the end of the phone to discuss ideas and helps me to see opportunities that I didn’t realise were there.”

Helen Clement

Decadorn Jewellery

Trust a professional and make your investment go further

Hire me on a monthly retainer and I’ll manage Facebook ads for you

I’ll start by getting to know your business, goals and ideal customers.

Next comes strategy, defining target audiences, developing the ads and then running them.

I’ll watch them closely and will always test and optimise for best results. I’ll be in touch regularly so you’ll always know what’s going on.

From £1250/month (+VAT)
(plus a one-off set up fee of £499 +VAT)

Questions? Keep scrolling!

“Carly is our secret weapon! She’s increased sales by nearly 4x!

I hired Carly to help me with Facebook ads, mainly to prove to myself that they wouldn’t work for my business. She completely proved me wrong!

Carly’s become our secret weapon! Almost a year later, she’s increased my sales by nearly 4x!

What I value most about working with Carly is her honesty. She never over-promises and treats our ad spend like it’s her own.”

Sasha Gupta

Cheeky Zebra

“My ads have been incredibly successful!

Carly fully manages my ads (which have been incredibly successful!) and I am so grateful!

Her work is thorough plus clear and simple to understand and her communication is fantastic with weekly updates. She’s lovely and very approachable.

Carly is magic, I couldn’t ask for more.”

Amber Reeson

Neon Marl

When you hire me, you get me

Not an agency junior or another freelancer brought in to manage the smaller accounts. I specialise in Facebook advertising for eCommerce and work 1:1 with every client to achieve results that make a difference

I’ll check in at least once a week (and without any of the jargon that makes your head spin!).

Are we the right fit?

I’m choosy about the clients I take on retainer, but only because I’m committed to doing great work.

We’ll get along well if…


You’re an independent eCommerce brand selling clothes, accessories, home furnishings, homewares, gifts, toys, wedding stationery or some other fun and fabulous product.


You sell through your own platform (or are getting ready to) and run your business independently. You’ve built it from the ground up.


(For full-service ad management) You’ve got the budget for a minimum ad spend of £1k per month, plus my fee, and you’re interested in building a long-term partnership.

To enquire about a Facebook ads partnership, get in touch now.

What does a successful Facebook advertising campaign look like?

There are no guarantees and I will never promise something that I can’t deliver. A lot of factors influence the outcome and success looks different for everyone. 

When we start, we’ll talk in detail about the goals, targets and opportunities that make sense for your business. 

After that, I’ll ask for your patience as I get to work testing and optimising.

To get an idea of what we could achieve, hear from other indie eCommerce brands I’ve worked with.

Beards and Daisies

“Carly is professional, knowledgeable and super-efficient. Above all, a really lovely person to work with.”

Hayley Measures

Born Nouli

“I’ve done loads of courses and webinars on how to run Facebook ads. Working with Carly was 100 times better and worth every penny!”

Rebecca Yates

Rebecca Yates London

“If you’re an eCommerce business and you need Facebook Ads, Carly is absolutely your woman!”

Becca Johns

Marketing Consultant

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