Successful Facebook advertising for eCommerce: indie brands tell their stories

Facebook advertising case studies

Does Facebook Advertising really work for small businesses?

It’s hard to believe the hype when you’re not seeing the return you’d hoped for.

You know there’s potential but it’s complicated. Is Facebook advertising worth all the effort?

I’ll give you specific examples of successful Facebook advertising campaigns further down, but first – what could you gain?

Facebook advertising is a popular choice for indie retailers who want to:


Invest in sales growth

Brand awareness is great but money in the bank is better. Facebook advertising is direct marketing – it results in sales. And, because it’s measurable every step of the way, unlike PR or influencer marketing – it’s easy to analyse and build on.


Cut out the middleman

My clients use Facebook and Instagram ads to tap into the potential of their own audiences. We build sales funnels that send customers to their shops (not to third-party sellers who take control and a cut). And better still? We keep them coming back.


Grow strategically

When you’re in control of your own sales funnels, it’s easier to manage growth. Learn to harness Facebook advertising and grow on your own terms, at a pace that suits you.

The key thing to remember is that it takes time to develop a successful Facebook campaign strategy. You’ll need a big dollop of patience and the willingness to learn as you’re going along.

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Read the success stories

Hear from other eCommerce like you who are using Facebook and Instagram ads to grow their indie businesses.

Indie jewellery brand: 197% growth during Q4

Outsourcing Facebook ads to achieve 197% year-on-year Shopify growth

“I am a great believer (after 10 years trying to do everything myself in my business) that you should outsource what you either don’t like or what you’re not very good at. Carly helps me to see opportunities that I didn’t realise were there.”

Helen Clement

Decadorn Jewellery

Women’s activewear brand: 144% year-on-year growth

Founder Hayley wanted to grow beyond what she could achieve organically. Alongside other marketing efforts, Facebook ads contributed to a 144% increase in Shopify sales year on year.

“I’ve loved working with Carly. She’s professional, knowledgeable and super-efficient.”

Hayley Measures

Born Nouli

Plant delivery and subscriptions: Shopify sales up 49%

Nurturing an eCommerce co-founder to 49% growth with Facebook advertising

“Carly helped us get Facebook Ads up and running and profitable. We’ll be working with her as we start to scale.”

Luke Barlow

Beards And Daisies

Sassy greeting cards: 87% of Shopify orders via Facebook ads

Nurturing an eCommerce co-founder to 49% growth with Facebook advertising

“Carly quadrupled sales and changed the trajectory of my business. I didn’t believe that Facebook ads would work for my business but Carly completely proved me wrong!”

Sasha Gupta

Cheeky Zebra

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